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Pre-Made Dishes

* Plant currently under construction - due for completion on 30/06/2023 *

Our pre-Made dishes have a high degree of standardization, and they are served quickly and cost-effective. The production plant is currently under the construction and due for completion on 30th June 2023. The benefits of pre-Made dishes are as follows

Centralized procurement reduces the cost of food procurement.
Increase the delivery rate of stores and save time and cost
Storage costs are significantly reduced
Halving the costs of chefs
The dishes are diversified and standardized
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Delicious dishes offered

Special Fried Rice.jpg
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables and Tofu.jpg

Fried Rices and Noodles

Sweet Sour Chicken

Honey Chicken

Sweet Sour Beef

Mixed Vegetables

Stir-Fried Chicken with Vegetables

Stir-Fried Beef with Vegetables

and more..

Enquire your interest in our pre-made dishes. 
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