From Dumplings to Salt and Pepper Calamari, there is something for everyone with our diverse menu!

Pan-fried chicken and prawn dumplings
Sizzling dumplings in mapo sauce (mill park)
Cheesy Dumplings (mill park)
Chicken & Corn dumplings
Xiao Long Bao (Soup Dumplings)
BBQ Pork Buns
BBQ Pork Buns
Sizzling black pepper chicken
Seafood laksa
salted egg yolk custard buns
Fried bbq pork buns
Steamed pork wonton with sichuan chilli
Steamed Chinese bok-choy and mushroom with soy sauce
Salt & Pepper Calamari
Stir fried sichuan spicy tofu with pork mince
Lettuce Wrap with Chicken
19-NatashaP_ (19)
Spring Rolls
Thai Style Fried Rice
Garlicky' stir fried seasonal vegetables
Kung Pao chicken with crispy noodles
Pan-fried dumplings
Wok-fried beef fillet
Salted Pepper Chicken Ribs
Salted pepper chicken ribs with white rice
Sweet Chilli Crunchy Fish Fillet
Signature Pork Dumplings
ILD St Kilda
ILD St Kilda
ILD Kensington
ILD Kensington


“Excellent food and fantastic service! Love this place. Highly recommended .” 


Charles Beecham, ILD Richmond


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