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Investment Opprtunities

With more than 15 years of experience in the food industry,  

I Love Dumplings is a trusted and established brand.  

Our products offering, along with our strong services, reinforces our position

as a market leader in a high-growth category.

​Investment opportunities to support expansions in

different sectors of our business:

Franchise Stores:
8 new stores getting established in 2023 

Our retail stores see expansion in 2023, with 8 new franchisees and Australia’s very first drive through Chinese food store.

Sweet Sour Chicken.jpg
New Pre-Cook Production Plant to offer pre-made food.

The pre dishes have a high degree of standardization, and they are served quickly and cost-effective. 

Delicious dishes offered:


  • Fried Rices and Noodles

  • Sweet Sour Chicken

  • Honey Chicken

  • Sweet Sour Beef,

  • Mixed Vegetables and more

Pre-Cooked Dumplings Plant to offer chilled dumplings. 

Our advanced automated facilities allows us to reach a production capability of 126,000 Retail packs per week (300 gm). We conduct our production with high standards of food safety and a professional product development team. I Love Dumplings is HACCP Certified.

cold storage.jpeg
Logistics company that offers 700 frozen pallet spaces, 150 chilled and 300 room temperature spaces.

The company's logistics company will complete the construction of the freezer storage at the beginning of March 23.

Based on the I Love Dumpling's existing basic business, including sales, storage and transportation of products to restaurants and grocery stores, the logistics company has no risks and has a good development prospect, filling the gap in the Australian frozen product market.

As we continue to expand our presence via dedicated sales teams in all states of Australia, we are strongly positioned to take full advantage of the food market’s huge growth potential.

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