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I Love Dumplings Factory

Advanced Automated 
Production Facilities

Our advanced automated production facilities have a production capacity of 126,000 Retail packs per week (300 gm), we aim to become an important supplier of mainstream brands of large supermarkets across Australia.


150 Retail Clients within the Asian Channel
Supplying to over 60 Restaurant Customers
Major Supplier to other Dumpling Brands in the Retail Channel 
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Product range

Our OEM has the production capability of 126,000 Retail packs per week (300 gm). Our product range is extensive and new products are constantly being developed to meet the needs of our local and export customer base.

Our current product range includes Dumplings, Xiaolong Bao(Juicy Buns), Wonton, Sauces and Main Dishes.


Dumplings product range, offered in 480g, 860g and 1.8kg. 

Chicken & Prawn Dumplings, 

Pork& Prawn Dumplings,

Pork & Celery Dumplings, 

Pork & Sauerkraut Dumplings, 

Pork & Shepherds Purse Dumplings 

Pork and Wombak Dumplings.

Or any nominated OEM flavours. 

Interested in our products for retail?  Contact us with your enquiry.
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