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One-stop shop for Storing, Sorting and Delivery of foods.

The company's logistics company started its operation in 2022 .


It owns 6 large and small cold chain vehicles, delivering to Greater Melbourne and Geelong area. The new frozen warehouse has 700 frozen pallet spaces, 150 refrigerated pallet spaces and 300 room temperature pallet spaces.


The establishment of the logistics company enabled our products to quickly occupy the retail market in Melbourne and greatly reduce the company's logistics costs. It also solves the pain points in logistics for the cooked products and pre-cooked products planned in the future.

Stock Walks Iogistics also undertakes sales, storage and delivery functions for third-party customers, it became one of the few enterprises in Melbourne to carry out this business structure.


Frozen pallet storage


Refridgerated pallet space


Room Temp
pallet space


cold storage.jpeg

Our Services

Development Direction of Stock Walks International

March 2023

The company's logistics company will complete the construction of the freezer storage at the beginning of March 23.

Based on the I Love Dumplings existing basic business, including sales, storage and transportation of products to restaurants and grocery stores, the logistics company has no risks and has a good development prospect, filling the gap in the Australian frozen product market.
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